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Urethane Casting allows us to provide high-quality parts in production-like material before moving to expensive injection molding and tooling.


A wide variety of parts made from different materials can be produced. It is possible to cast with desired colors and textures and also provide rubber overmolds.


Great for quantities where other manufacturing processes end up being expensive. 

Vacuum Casting is a great method to get production-like parts quickly without moving to injection-molding. It provides innovators with the opportunity to test their products on the shelf by being able to produce low-mid volume parts at a reasonable cost and speed.


At ProtoZone, we can cast a wide variety of parts that resemble the final product not only in shape and form but also in finish and appearance. We use either a 3D printed or CNC machined master depending on the tolerances required and the needs of the customers. ProtoZone can cast parts in different colors and textures and also provides a wide range of materials. We can also overmold parts as per the needs of the customers.

We are much faster and reasonably priced compared to our competitors Protolabs, Quickparts or Stratasys.

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