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Produce high volumes of parts quickly and in a very cost effective method. No limitation on the volume of parts you can produce.


Get a wide range of production materials that you can choose from once you have decided to finally move to production.


Once the tooling costs are taken care of, you can produce millions of parts at just a few cents per part. 

ProtoZone provides a wide range of materials that can be injection molded. Our highly technical team is capable of providing customized tooling and molding solutions in order to ensure rapid and efficient manufacturing of parts. We can make molds in 2 to 4 weeks and depending on the requirements we can make tools that can last from 5000 to 250,000 shots. 

We can provide both Aluminum and Steel tools and have access to a wide range of plastics for all your needs. We can produce single cavity as well as multi-cavity tools. Whatever are your needs for speed, quantity, materials, or tolerances, ProtoZone can deliver!

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